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The higher the concentration of fluoride in the pasta, the greater the anti-caries benefits. Duraphat, the toothpaste with the highest fluoride content on the market, is indicated for the prevention of caries in patients over 16 years of age or in those who have a high risk of developing caries. This product has proven to be more effective than conventional pasta in preventing caries. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of caries by up to 70 percent and is equally suitable for consumption as conventional pasta.


COLGATE (r) DURAPHAT (r) is a kuracja for cooking zebow with a maximum concentration of 5000 ppm fluoride. This is safe for consumption and is clinically approved for this purpose. It is available in 51g tubs and is wrapped in a tekturowe pudelka. The pasta should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

This product is clinically proven to be effective on tooth enamel. This brand is specifically formulated for pacjents who are uczulwane on fluorek sodu and have a high risk of developing dental cavities. The Colgate Duraphat 5000 ppm fluoride pasta does not contain a large amount of other chemicals, so you can feel confident that your child’s mouth is as healthy as its siblings’.

For people with dental problems, DURAPHAT 5000 Pasta for Zebow has been approved for use by the FDA. It is a brand that contains three to five mg fluoru in each serving. For optimum results, it should be used as directed by your doctor. The fluoride content can vary from one package to another. Read the label and consult your stomatologist.

Duraphat 5000 contains a zebow antibacterial agent that prevents the formation of prochnicy. This means that it prevents prochnicy in children and adults. Moreover, it’s safe to use this product as a conventional pasta. It is available in various varieties and is safe for use as a pasta. The only difference is its fluoride content, so be sure to choose the right product for your needs.


You’ve probably seen the ads for Colgate-Palmolive pasta with a 5,000-ppm fluoride content. This fluoride content is clinically proven to be effective in preventing tooth decay and treating dental caries. But how safe is it really? And can you eat this pasta without causing harm to your teeth? The answer is yes.

In addition to that, this particular brand of pasta contains benzoesan sodu, which is known to cause lagodne oczu and skory. It’s important to remember that fluor-containing food and drink products should not be consumed by children. These pasta tubs should only be stored in non-child-proof environments at temperatures that are not harmful to the environment.

The amount of fluoride in toothpaste varies, so it’s important to check the label before purchasing a product. Some toothpastes have as much as 5000 ppm fluoride. However, many people consume less than this amount, so be sure to read the label before purchasing. The amount of fluoride in toothpaste is a relatively small percentage of total fluoride intake, so it’s important to keep an eye on it.

Fluoride toothpastes with high concentrations of fluoride can help reduce the risk of tooth decay. Studies conducted by Nordstrom and Birkhed concluded that the toothpastes with 5,000 ppm fluoride had a reduced incidence and progression of dental caries. High fluoride toothpastes are easily available and can help reduce the risk of dental caries. Limited studies have been done to determine the recommended fluoride toothpaste concentration for people at high caries risk.

PreviDent(r) 5000 Booster Plus

Colgate PreviDent(r) 5000-Booster Plus is a professional-strength, fluoride-rich toothpaste that remineralizes teeth and prevents cavities. This fluoride-enriched paste features a unique liquid gel formula that delivers a high dose of fluoride. Its high-fluoride content can reverse white spot lesions on teeth. It is safe for children ages six and up. It has been proven effective in preventing caries and remineralizing teeth.


With a patented formula that contains 0.45% stannous fluoride, Enamelon is a better choice for those who want to maintain a healthy mouth without the side effects of conventional toothpaste. This toothpaste has a low abrasive formula, making it suitable for daily use. It also contains calcium and phosphate ions. A study found that Enamelon toothpaste reduced caries by up to 70%.

Enamelon toothpaste and preventive treatment gel have been shown to increase fluoride uptake. Other products with fluoride uptake increases include 5000 ppm F-ion NaF prescription dentifrice “A” and “B” toothpaste, as well as 1150 ppm F-ion toothpaste and 900 ppm F-ion paste. But which ones are the best?

Enamelon toothpaste is a great alternative to 5000 ppm fluoride paste. Its clinically proven active ingredient, stannous fluoride, protects the surface of the teeth from demineralization and helps restore dental health. In a recent study, a gel with Enamelon contains up to two times more fluoride than a 5000 ppm toothpaste. It has also been shown to reduce the solubility of enamel three times as much as a 5000 ppm fluoride toothpaste.

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