49 Days of Pasta

Seven weeks with the Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass

Days 38 and 39

I was crazy busy Wednesday, which marked the first time during the entire experiment that I didn’t actually make it to the OG. Sad, if it wasn’t for the copious amounts of OG food that I have in the fridge and the freezer. I should have taken a picture – I think I have five or six frozen bowls of soup in the freezer, some bags of breadsticks, and who knows what else. Anyway, I woke up Wednesday morning and found this in the fridge.


I guess I ate more than half the pasta the night before, and also picked out all of the shrimp fritta. What do you do when life deals you lemons? Read the rest of this entry »

Days 36 and 37 – A Lot of Soup


Yesterday, I went to the OG with a serious craving for the zuppa toscana. I think I’ve had it three or four days in a row now, delicious every time. They definitely figured out how to solve their consistency issues, as the soup’s been on point for at least the past two weeks now.  Read the rest of this entry »

Day 35 – Rating the Sauces

Last day of Week 5! Hard to believe that it’s already been 35 days of pasta. I think the 5/7ths point is a great time to rate the sauces of the Unlimited Pasta Bowl.

1.  Spicy Three Meat

Day 12 005The Spicy Three Meat sauce is my favorite sauce at the OG. It’s meaty, spicy, and made fresh every morning with ground beef, sausage, and salami. It also has 1450 mg of sodium. What does that mean? Who knows, ask someone who cares. Milligrams are, like, way way smaller than grams, and grams are small anyway, so it’s probably like 1,450 atoms of salt.  Read the rest of this entry »

Day 34 – More Subs


Mmmm.. Meatballs with spicy three meat sauce on top of cavatappi. Kind of hard to spot the meatballs. Read the rest of this entry »

Days 32 and 33

017Thursday was busy, so I ended up getting takeout. The first twenty or so times I got takeout, I always got the salad because, well, I didn’t know better yet. Now, I almost always get the soup. Or maybe I’m just sick of the salad. As much as I love the salad, it’s just a giant mound of iceberg lettuce, which is essentially the same as having a big glass of water.  Read the rest of this entry »

Day 31 – Pasta Party!

Today was a huge moment in the great Pasta Pass Experiment – I was joined by three friends, one of whom was my wife! She had previously promised to come with me at some point before my pasta pass ran out, but a special guest appearance in week 5? That’s insane!001

I was also graciously joined by our friends Taylor and Sean, who were both experienced pasta bowl veterans. They hardly had to look at the menu – they knew all of the combinations by heart.  Read the rest of this entry »

Days 29 and 30 – Week 5 Begins!

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m sick of pasta yet. The answer, maybe a bit surprisingly, is no – the problem isn’t that I’m sick of pasta, it’s more that I miss eating other things. I walked by a hot dog stand yesterday and I really wanted a hot dog, but knowing I was just an hour or two away from a meal at the OG, I couldn’t really justify it.

Monday morning, I still had a leftover breadstick and a sausage from the weekend, so I threw together another sausage sandwich on OG breadstick for breakfast with the rest of the leftover peppers and onions. This must be at least tangentially the product of my hot dog craving.


Not as good as when it was on the Amoroso roll, but in other ways it was better because the breadstick was nice and salty on the outside. If you ever wondered if you could re-heat two-day old OG breadsticks, the answer is a resounding yes! Read the rest of this entry »

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