Days 47 and 48 – Rating the Toppings

by hagz

So how do the never ending toppings rate? No surprises at the top of the list…

1. Shrimp Fritta


Crunchy, delicious, breaded shrimp. Hopefully these aren’t the ones being produced by slave labor. Did Costco ever find a non-slavery-using source for their shrimp?

2. Meatballs

011Really tough to choose between chicken fritta and meatballs. The chicken fritta is great, but for takeout, there is no better topping than meatballs. Especially when you can turn them into meatball subs.

3. Chicken fritta


Strictly a dine-in only topping, but it’s really good.

4. Goldfish


5. Sausage


Much better on a breadstick than in a pasta.

Yesterday I had leftover from the mozzarella-enhanced pasta along with a bowl of pasta fagioli.

Today, I went in early on a Saturday for my all-time favorite combination – cavatappi with spicy three meat and shrimp fritta.


Had some chicken and gnocchi too.


And for once, inhaled both breadsticks. Must have been starving.


Only one more day of the past pass left! What am I going to do? I’ve completely forgotten how to cook. I don’t even remember where the grocery store is. Maybe I’ll make some spaghetti Monday night. By the way, the real hardest part of having a pasta pass? Walking by this on the way to and from the OG every time. 029

Maybe I should try 49 Days of Fried Chicken next?

Weight: 174.0

Breadsticks consumed (today/total): 2/81

Cost per pasta bowl: $5.08

Comments from the wife: “Do you want to try 49 days of divorce?”

By the way, we’ve been dogsitting this little french bulldog for our friends Steve and Diana. He’s pretty cute.


So is my dog Carly.


And the Bodie.

008By the way, this may be the best account ever of true love.