Day 46 – More Takeout Shenanigans

by hagz


Had a dim sum lunch date with the wife Thursday. Philly’s Chinatown is just a few blocks north of the Olive Garden, so since I was in the area, I decided to grab some takeout and save it for dinner. Cavatappi, marinara and meatballs. On the way to the OG though, the wife wanted to stop by Reading Terminal Market for some sweets and produce.

My wife doesn’t cook much, but one thing she makes all the time is tomato and mozzarella salads. I was actually at Reading just a few days ago and remembered seeing the grilled cheese place advertising that they make home made mozzarella daily. They sell it for $8.99/lb., and not knowing what a pound of mozzarella looks like, we asked for a pound.


This is what a pound of mozzarella looks like.


Kind of pretty, actually. Like a cross between a marshmallow and a viking girl’s braided hair. We asked the guy how we should store the mozzarella, and he said that mozzarella shouldn’t be refrigerated and that we should eat the whole pound today. Challenge accepted.


Okay, so this is probably about 5% of the mozzarella we bought, if that.


Throw it on top.


Throw it under the broiler. Just kidding, I’m not stupid enough to put plastic takeout ware in my toaster oven. I just microwaved it. It was absolutely delicious. I should have covered the entire thing in mozzarella.009

Hadn’t had breadsticks in a few days. Not going to lie, I’m a little over the breadsticks at this point.

My fellow pasta pass blogger Vino  named a pasta after me. Thanks buddy! Although, not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but I should have been cavatappi with the spicy three meat and the shrimp fritta. Go to Vino’s blog today – there’s a hilarious video of him calling out the pastor guy who’s eaten at the OG twice a day every day.

Also found another pasta pass blog today here. Just found it today so I haven’t read much of it, but the dude eats a ton of angel hair pasta. He claims it’s the best for takeout… I’m skeptical, but maybe I’ll give it a shot.