Day 46 – More Takeout Shenanigans


Had a dim sum lunch date with the wife Thursday. Philly’s Chinatown is just a few blocks north of the Olive Garden, so since I was in the area, I decided to grab some takeout and save it for dinner. Cavatappi, marinara and meatballs. On the way to the OG though, the wife wanted to stop by Reading Terminal Market for some sweets and produce.

My wife doesn’t cook much, but one thing she makes all the time is tomato and mozzarella salads. I was actually at Reading just a few days ago and remembered seeing the grilled cheese place advertising that they make home made mozzarella daily. They sell it for $8.99/lb., and not knowing what a pound of mozzarella looks like, we asked for a pound. Read the rest of this entry »