Day 45 – Both???

by hagz

Today started off innocuously enough – nice bowl of chicken and gnocchi.


Then I asked my co-pilot Marti to hit me up with something different. What does she do?


Is that… could it be.. chicken fritta AND shrimp fritta?? Yep, that’s Deion-mother-fucking-Sanders BOTH! Apparently I can do half and half on toppings and even sauces! How did I not know this before? Not only that, I think the first time they tried to send this out they forgot the chicken, so I ended up with a full serving of shrimp fritta and another half serving of chicken fritta on top of that.


I don’t think we appreciate enough how great we have it, having been born in the 20th century or later. I doubt the King of France a few hundred years ago ever had both shrimp and chicken on one plate, and certainly not in a never-ending pasta bowl, and certainly not deep-fried. Hell, all those clown monarchs from centuries ago who spent all their time screwing each other’s sisters never even got to have a Dorito.


I think the toppings outnumbered the pasta today.


And then the cheese outnumbered everything. Marti has a patented technique that differs from how most servers at the OG operate the cheese machine. I won’t give away her secret, but I will let you know that she calls it the Five-Point-Exploding-Heart-Snowflake Technique, and it delivers cheese in a distinctive snowflake pattern.

Cost per pasta bow: $5.22

Breadsticks consumed (today/total): 0/76

Weight: 175.0

Comments from the wife: Your belly looks al dente. It looks jiggly but it’s surprisingly firm to the touch.

By the way, it turns out I’m a huge wimp. This champion of a man has been eating twice a day at the OG this entire time!