Days 43 and 44 – Week 7 Begins!

by hagz


Last week of the Pasta Pass! Through 44 days, there were only two days that I actually dreaded eating pasta. For the most part, I was really excited to go to the OG every day. Seems crazy, but the six weeks so far have flown by!

Yesterday, I forgot my camera so I only have a few poorly lit cameraphone pics to show the salad and cavatappi I had. 



I should have ordered the chicken fritta more often throughout the pasta pass experiment – it’s really good at the restaurant, although it’s one of the worst choices for takeout.

Today, I went with my original OG crew who I was working with over the summer when I first purchased the pasta pass. I think this was the third or fourth time they’ve graciously decided to join me at the OG!


Could the chicken and gnocchi be becoming my favorite soup? I can’t say I have a clear favorite soup any more. I like both the chicken and gnocchi and the zuppa toscana quite a bit, although I still enjoy the pasta fagioli as well.


Mmmm… cheese salad. Two of my dining companions were hitting the grape juice pretty hard at lunch today, so there were a lot of extended silences every time the cheese machine server would tell us, “Just say when!”


I decided to take this opportunity to order the Spicy Calabrian Wings. Quite a few people who work at the OG have told me that the wings were amazing, and I’ve seen it advertised on those little inserts so often that I finally broke down and ordered them. So did they live up to the hype? Unfortunately, not really… the wings themselves were on the small side. “Pump some growth hormones into that shit,” exclaimed one disappointed dining companion. Also, the crisp factor wasn’t really there at all – it didn’t seem like a deep fryer was involved in the making of these wings. The sauce/rub/seasoning was actually pretty good with a decent kick to it, but at $10 for 8-10 fairly small wings, I don’t think I’d order these again.


Els got the spaghetti with chicken meatballs. She’s been talking about the OG’s chicken meatballs for months. Glad she finally got them.


She insisted on this action shot, which shows the meatballs being prepared for ritual sacrifice, one delightful bite at a time.


Denise went for the chicken flatbread. “It’s actually pretty good,” she exclaimed, with a mixture of shock and surprise on her face. I remember my wife’s caprese flatbread being pretty good as well. Maybe the OG should push the flatbreads more, at least at the bar. It’s perfect bar food, really.


Adam added the ziti with five cheese marinara to his soup, salad, and breadsticks. He also voted today.


I got… I don’t even remember, because I asked for so much cheese on top. I’m going to guess spaghetti, marinara, and shrimp fritta.