Days 41 and 42 – Week Six Comes to a Close

Wow, I’ve now experienced 42 days of pasta. Only seven more days to go! I’m getting sad. A few days ago, I was excited for the Pasta Pass to end. Now that the end is staring me in the face, I’m sad. Depressed, even. I may do some unpredictable things this week. Maybe it’s the cold weather coming in. After four years in California, this cold weather just seems inappropriate for human beings to live in.


I didn’t go to the OG on Saturday. Why? Because it was cold, and this is what my freezer looks like. At this point, a zombie outbreak could occur and I’d still have more than enough OG food to complete the 49 days of pasta. I have over a dozen breadsticks in the freezer and somewhere around eight frozen soups, not to mention mounds of whole wheat linguine in the fridge. Read the rest of this entry »