Day 40 – Spaghetti with Shrimp and Fish

by hagz

Fish? You’ll just have to wait and see. For now, let’s take a look at my Christmas wish list!


Yep, pretty much this. I came pretty close to buying one for myself.

I went jeans shopping with my wife and ended up just a few blocks away from the OG. I wasn’t really hungry, but the OG is a mile away from my house so I decided to pick up some takeout. Spaghetti, marinara, and shrimp fritta.


Once I saw the beautiful shrimp fritta and also realized that they were still somewhat crunchy, I decided I was hungry after all. I immediately regretted not eating at the restaurant, where I could top this off with half a pound of freshly grated cheese. What to do? Well it turns out I have a million of those romano cheese packets from all of the takeout I’ve been getting…


Six packets. That’s the magic number. You need at least six packets of grated cheese to emulate the flavor-boosting qualities of the in-restaurant cheese machine. It’s not the same, obviously, but it’s a workable substitute.

Then, something caught my eye…


What could that be? Dare I?


Not only did I do it, it was delicious. The goldfish were like little crunchy crouton bites or something that added a crispy texture to the spaghetti. So good, in fact, that I added a bunch more seconds later.


And no, I wasn’t even drunk, spaghetti with shrimp fritta and goldfish actually works. Try it before you deny it.

Weight: 175.4

Breadsticks consumed (today/total): 2/71

Cost per pasta bowl: $5.60

Conversation with the wife:

Callie: Hey, you’re starting to look like an athlete!

Me: Really? Awesome! What sport?

Callie: Baseball.