Day 35 – Rating the Sauces

by hagz

Last day of Week 5! Hard to believe that it’s already been 35 days of pasta. I think the 5/7ths point is a great time to rate the sauces of the Unlimited Pasta Bowl.

1.  Spicy Three Meat

Day 12 005The Spicy Three Meat sauce is my favorite sauce at the OG. It’s meaty, spicy, and made fresh every morning with ground beef, sausage, and salami. It also has 1450 mg of sodium. What does that mean? Who knows, ask someone who cares. Milligrams are, like, way way smaller than grams, and grams are small anyway, so it’s probably like 1,450 atoms of salt. 

2. Marinara

Day 16 003

The marinara sauce is fantastic, and even though Spicy Three Meat is my favorite, it’s not something you can eat every day. I haven’t exactly been keeping count, but I would guess that by the time I’m done with the pasta pass, I’ll have ordered the marinara more often than any other sauce. It’s fresh, delicious, and healthy! A ton of tomatoes too, great for scooping up on top of breadsticks.

3. Five Cheese Marinara



If you’re a fan of vodka sauce, you’ll love this creamy, cheesy goodness. The orange color makes you wonder, though… do they actually make this sauce separately with five different cheese and tomatoes? Or do they just mix the marinara with the Alfredo sauce 50/50? Hmm…

4. Alfredo

Day 10 006

Rich, creamy, and delicious… in small quantities. I love bad food as much as the next guy, but it’s always a challenge to finish an entire entree covered in Alfredo sauce. Butter on a donut? Delicious. Donut-shaped mound of butter? Not so much.

5. Roasted Mushroom Alfredo


Not a big fan. Of mushrooms, or this sauce. When you add something I’m not crazy about to something I’m not crazy about, I’m not going to be crazy about it. This sauce is like the ice skating of pasta sauces. I don’t like roller skating because I’m not very good at it, and I also don’t like doing anything on top of a layer of solid ice, so when you combine the two, I stay away.

6. Meat Sauce


I only have one, poorly lit cameraphone picture of this sauce, because I got it on day 1 and never got it again. It’s also the only sauce that’s not made fresh daily at the restaurant. It tastes like meat sauce out of the jar.

Today, I got takeout.


Delicious zuppa toscana.


Fettuccine with marinara and shrimp fritta. Look at that redness! That’s the kind of red that makes Patrick Bateman drool.