Day 34 – More Subs

by hagz


Mmmm.. Meatballs with spicy three meat sauce on top of cavatappi. Kind of hard to spot the meatballs.


Can you spot them now? They’re camouflaged, like a good sniper.


Got hooked up with breadsticks again!


Felt like I needed some veggies. I’ve recently┬ádiscovered the proper amount of grated romano cheese to add to salads – three packets. That’s the magic number.


If It’s the weekend and I ordered meatballs, you know what’s coming next. I took a big bite but┬áthe meatball sub this time wasn’t as good as I remembered. Then I realized why – last time, I had ample amounts of surplus marinara to throw on top of the meatballs. This time, no such luck, as there aren’t nearly as many tomatoes in the spicy three meat sauce. What to do?


Call in some reinforcements!


Hell yeah.


Cheesy deliciousness. Perfect appetizer before I crush the rest of the pasta.

Current weight: 174.0

Breadsticks consumed (today/total) 3/58

Cost per pasta bowl: $6.26