49 Days of Pasta

Seven weeks with the Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass

Day 35 – Rating the Sauces

Last day of Week 5! Hard to believe that it’s already been 35 days of pasta. I think the 5/7ths point is a great time to rate the sauces of the Unlimited Pasta Bowl.

1.  Spicy Three Meat

Day 12 005The Spicy Three Meat sauce is my favorite sauce at the OG. It’s meaty, spicy, and made fresh every morning with ground beef, sausage, and salami. It also has 1450 mg of sodium. What does that mean? Who knows, ask someone who cares. Milligrams are, like, way way smaller than grams, and grams are small anyway, so it’s probably like 1,450 atoms of salt.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Day 34 – More Subs


Mmmm.. Meatballs with spicy three meat sauce on top of cavatappi. Kind of hard to spot the meatballs. Read the rest of this entry »

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