Days 32 and 33

by hagz

017Thursday was busy, so I ended up getting takeout. The first twenty or so times I got takeout, I always got the salad because, well, I didn’t know better yet. Now, I almost always get the soup. Or maybe I’m just sick of the salad. As much as I love the salad, it’s just a giant mound of iceberg lettuce, which is essentially the same as having a big glass of water. 


I got HOOKED UP with breadsticks today. Starboard Value, suck it.


You know there’s only one reason that I ever get sausage as a topping.


Hot dog city.


Different angle.

024Today I went right when they opened because I had to drive six hours to Virginia. Zuppa toscana is definitely my favorite soup now. There’s something deeply psychologically pleasing about eating kale. It’s the same feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else, except that someone else is you. Or maybe it’s like the feeling you get when you decide to go for a run in the morning instead of taking advantage of Wawa’s two sausage egg and cheese croissants for $3.


Red pepper flakes for the win. I’m a quick learner.


Fettuccine with marinara and shrimp fritta.


With snow.


And fire. Snow and fire don’t cancel each other out, it’s more of a win win for everybody. Same way that going to the gym and having a double bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys don’t cancel each other out – instead, everyone wins.