Day 31 – Pasta Party!

by hagz

Today was a huge moment in the great Pasta Pass Experiment – I was joined by three friends, one of whom was my wife! She had previously promised to come with me at some point before my pasta pass ran out, but a special guest appearance in week 5? That’s insane!001

I was also graciously joined by our friends Taylor and Sean, who were both experienced pasta bowl veterans. They hardly had to look at the menu – they knew all of the combinations by heart. 002

Sean very wisely opted for the zuppa toscana,


The wife naturally chose the minestrone, which was KILLING it today – everyone remarked on how hearty and substantial the soup looked today. Whoever was working the kitchen today was an absolute pro.


Taylor and I split the salad. This was the first of two salads we crushed.

My wife was originally going to order the soup, salad and breadsticks, but then she realized she could get a caprese flatbread for just a few more cents, so she ended up going with the flatbread. How was it? Freaking awesome, naturally.

004Everyone else decided to be no limit pasta soldiers.


Sean went with the cavatappi, spicy three meat, and the shrimp fritta. If I was on death row and I had to choose a pasta bowl combination for my last meal, this would be my choice.


Since I’m not on death row yet, I went for the cavatappi with the five cheese marinara and the shrimp fritta. Does adding cheese to five cheese marinara make it six cheese marinara? The answer is yes.


Taylor went with the spaghetti with five cheese marinara. Look at that picture. Seriously, just look at it. I don’t like poetry, so I don’t know anything about poetry, but if I had to describe this picture, I would say that it’s poetic. It almost looks like cheese falls down on pasta bowls from the heavens when you’re at an Olive Garden.


Close-up of that flatbread (pizza) that the wife ordered.


By the way, special thanks to Sean for introducing to me the idea of adding red pepper flakes to pasta – if you like spicy food, this is an awesome thing to do.


There was a bit of trouble getting us breadsticks with the salad. Now, a casual Olive Garden visitor may think this to be a mistake, or even a failure of service, but experienced OG veterans know that it’s actually a good sign when you have to wait for breadsticks. Why? Because you know they’re going to be FRESH AS HELL! Seriously, look at those breadsticks! They’re still sweating butter! All four of those guys were consumed in less than thirty seconds.


Oh, what’s that? Some leftover six-cheese marinara? Let the breadstick consume that goodness, then consume the breadstick. It’s like the transitive property of the food chain. Or something like that…


Oops, we ate all the veggies. Time to order more.


Oh, what’s that? You need more breadsticks? Good thing you’re at the OG!


No limit pasta soldiers rejoice, let’s get on those re-ups!


Being in the presence of so many pasta enthusiasts, I thought to myself, hell, if there’s ever a time to give angel hair pasta a second chance, it’s now. I wonder how it’ll be! So I went with angel hair pasta, five/six cheese marinara, and shrimp for my re-up. How was it? It was actually pretty delicious! Now, will I ever order angel hair pasta again? No, probably not – I probably would have enjoyed any other pasta at least as much, but at least on this day, angel hair pasta did not suck.


By the way, my wife’s good friend Mary Todd heard about my experiment and mailed me this t-shirt all the way from Florida! She used to work at the OG – I’m so envious. So envious, in fact, that I donned the shirt for today’s trip, ventured into the kitchen, grabbed the first two bowls of salad and breadsticks I saw, and carried them out to our table. Yeah, that’s right, this guy is KILLING IT as an unpaid intern at the Olive Garden. This is how careers are made, people.


And this shirt is money in the bank.