Days 29 and 30 – Week 5 Begins!

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m sick of pasta yet. The answer, maybe a bit surprisingly, is no – the problem isn’t that I’m sick of pasta, it’s more that I miss eating other things. I walked by a hot dog stand yesterday and I really wanted a hot dog, but knowing I was just an hour or two away from a meal at the OG, I couldn’t really justify it.

Monday morning, I still had a leftover breadstick and a sausage from the weekend, so I threw together another sausage sandwich on OG breadstick for breakfast with the rest of the leftover peppers and onions. This must be at least tangentially the product of my hot dog craving.


Not as good as when it was on the Amoroso roll, but in other ways it was better because the breadstick was nice and salty on the outside. If you ever wondered if you could re-heat two-day old OG breadsticks, the answer is a resounding yes! Read the rest of this entry »