Days 27 and 28

by hagz

Four weeks deep, my weight hasn’t changed a bit, but my wife keeps saying that I look softer and plusher all around. Like your favorite teddy bear.

Busy weekend so I had to get takeout both days. I much prefer to eat in since the food is fresher, tastier, and I get to witness some interesting things, but hey, life happens too. Saturday I ordered whole wheat linguine with spicy three meat and sausage.


Instead of the usual dinner portion, for some reason I got this smaller lunch portion, and they gave me spaghetti instead of the whole wheat linguine. No worries, it was still delicious. And I’m not a huge fan of their sausage. In fact, the only reason I ordered it was because it was the weekend and I knew I’d be having a little fun with it.


First time getting the soup instead of salad on a to-go order – you seem to get way more soup when you order to go. This one’s going in the freezer since, well, winter is coming.


I tried my order again on Sunday, and this time they got it right! Hard to see the second sausage, but that is indeed a dinner portion with two sausages. The sausages were way more cooked this time too, not the pale stuff you see from Saturday.


Almost makes you wonder if they got lazy and threw the sausages in the deep fryer. No complaints here.


Creativity juice.


Picked these guys up at the market.

009Nothing says Philly like an Amoroso roll.


Chop those guys up


Obviously my cast iron skillet isn’t this color, but I took a picture with flash and I got this really cool looking picture.


Throw them in.


Salt, pepper, and patience. Let these guys sweat for a while.


Okay, I’m not that patient. Should’ve let them go for a good half hour, but I was drunk and hungry by this point. Re-heat the sausages a bit.




Give it some kick with the rooster sauce.


This sandwich took me about 2.2 minutes to finish. Happy weekend!