Day 16 – Penne with Marinara and Meatballs

by hagz

Day 16 001


The more I learn about the Olive Garden, the more surprised I am at how polite and positive all of the employees there are. For instance, did you know that there is something called the “other NRA” that spends a ton of money lobbying to keep server’s wages low? Apparently it’s been quite a while since the federal minimum wage for servers has been raised. So basically, the people who are serving me food every day are working for a company that is actively lobbying politicians to keep their pay frozen at the 1991 level. 

Day 16 004

Salad. On top of the pasta. Reminds me of this clip from Family Guy.

Day 16 002

Never would have guessed at the start of all of this that I’d be ordering so much of the marinara.

Day 16 003Mmm meatballs. I always forget how much I really love meatballs. I grew up eating Subway meatballs.


Pro tip – everyone should have a “takeout” page on their phone.

Weight: 174.4 (fixed my scale)

Breadsticks consumed (today/total) 2/25

Calories consumed today: 1,180

Current cost per pasta bowl: $9.94 – under the $10 mark for the first time!

Comments from the wife: “I had a nightmare last night that you made me marry you at the Olive Garden.”

It’s kind of scary that at 25 breadsticks consumed, I’ve now eaten 4,500 calories worth of breadsticks alone.