Day 14 – Fettuccine with Marinara and Shrimp Fritta

by hagz

Day 14 004

Turns out that for much the same reason that angel hair pasta sucks, fettuccine is actually even better than spaghetti, which I like quite a bit. I feel bad for fettuccine – it’s the Scottie Pippen of the pasta world. It’s always associated with Alfredo sauce, and Alfredo sauce will always get the credit for an entire dish’s tastiness, even though the sauce couldn’t have done it without the fettuccine. Also, fettuccine never quit and tried being bread for two years before realizing it should stick to being pasta. 

Today got a little crazy. Sure, I ordered the standard OG salad, but I had some cherry tomatoes and fresh mozza I needed to use. Day 14 001

And since you can never have enough cheese in any salad…

Day 14 002

Toss it all in, shake it up.

Day 14 006

Add croutons, and boom. Never thought anything could make an OG salad better, but more tomatoes and more cheese does the trick.

Day 14 008

Bake (reheat) those breadsticks.

Day 14 003

Break out the awesome fettuccine.

Day 14 009

Game time. Marinara is definitely becoming my favorite sauce. Nothing flashy, just consistently delicious day in and day out. Like Jeremy Maclin. dogs 001

These are my awesome dogs. And some woman’s hands. insomnia 001

Also, somehow I’ve managed to gain essentially zero weight after two weeks of daily trips to the OG, which has convinced me that either 1) they truly have invented a negative-calorie salad dressing and are testing it out on pasta pass people, or 2) I’m clearly not getting enough to eat. So we ordered some Insomnia cookies to go with the pasta. Cookies and pasta. Nothing wrong with that.

Current weight: 174.4

Calories consumed this meal: lazy. 1300-ish?

Breadsticks consumed (today/total): 2/21

Current cost per pasta bowl $10.86

Comments from the wife: “We should have just gotten a dozen of the M&M cookies.”

By the way, if you’re in Philadelphia and you order Insomnia cookies without also ordering the ice cream, you’re making a mistake. Insomnia’s ice cream is ridiculous.