Day 15 – Fettuccine with Marinara and Chicken Fritta

by hagz

Day 16 003

Today turned out to be more interesting than I expected. I thought I’d be having a quiet meal by myself at the bar, when a very loud gentleman sat down next to me so he could plug his phone into the outlet behind the bar. He introduced himself to me as Michael Avello, the “#1 Sylvester Stallone imitator in the world.” 

He told me that it was his birthday, and that the OG hooks him up for free all the time because he brings them so much business. “I bring them 12-person parties of women, all drinking five, six glasses of wine. They get more out of this than me!”

The bartender certainly seemed to be familiar enough with him, maybe he is a regular. He also called out to all of the managers he saw – if they didn’t recognize him, he would immediately go into an impression of some Sylvester Stallone character. Except he also seemed to specialize in Scarface impressions, since that’s what I mostly witnessed. Nice enough guy though.

Day 16 001

He asked me about my pasta pass when he saw it, and I told him that I was going to the OG for 49 days straight, and that I was blogging about it. At this point, I asked him if I could take a picture with him and post it on the blog. He enthusiastically agreed, and one of the servers was nice enough to take a few shots of the two of us. Naturally, we did “Rocky” poses with our fists up.

Day 16 002

So where’s the photo evidence, you ask? Well, once I thanked him for the picture, he said “Hey bud, now you have to help me out. See, it’s pretty easy to sell Rocky t-shirts when you look like Stallone. Stallone’s actually flying me out to L.A. next week to see if he wants to hire me. So you want to buy one of these t-shirts or not?” And he showed me a couple bags of Rocky t-shirts. Unfortunately, the only cash I had on me was reserved for the OG bartender, so I had to decline. At that point, he muttered something about “Everyone’s just looking out for themselves, huh. That’s not me, that’s not the kind of guy I am.” I can’t disagree with anything he said.

He then asked me to keep the pictures to myself. I’m not one to say no when asked nicely about things, especially privacy stuff, so I told him that I would delete the pictures, and did so on the spot.

Day 16 003


Day 16 004

Post-cheese. Danielle was bartending today. She politely stopped after grating a reasonable amount of cheese, then when I asked her to continue, she said, “Oh  honey, I’ll grate this entire block of cheese if you want me to.” I like her.

Day 16 005

Mmm. Cheesy chicken fritta.

I found a youtube video when I got home of my Stallone-imitator friend. I actually don’t think he looks that much like Stallone. However, for anyone who lives in Philly, there’s a doorman of a hotel near 17th and Sansom who’s an absolute dead ringer for Stallone. If you’ve walked by the hotel and have seen him, you know who I’m talking about.

Current weight: 176.0 (every scale has a bad day)

Calories consumed today: 1,280

Breadsticks consumed (today/total) 2/23

Current cost per pasta bowl: $10.47

Comments from the wife: “Your eyelids look fatter.”