Day 12 – Cavatappi with Spicy Meat Sauce and Shrimp Fritta

by hagz

Day 12 001

Bonjourno! Salad for one please!

Day 12 002With cheese for four! When grated, cheese is tiny, therefore it has a negligible amount of calories. So negligible that cheese never has been, and never will be included in the daily calorie count. Cheese is mostly air anyway.

Day 12 003

Cheese makes everything better. Skipped the breadsticks today so I could eat more of the cheese salad.

Day 12 004Succulent olive, plucked hours ago from the garden out back. I personally have never cared for olives. I can tolerate them now, although I don’t really enjoy them. As a kid, I hated them with a passion. Mostly because I mistook an olive for a grape once. I think I actually cried and went running to my mommy, I was so upset. Grapes are awesome, olives are their sweaty, salty cousins.

Day 12 005

Boom. Look at distribution of those freshly chopped herbs. Deep-fried shrimp has been on point lately too.

Day 12 006

Cheese it up.

Day 12 008

I’ve noticed myself getting either the spicy three meat or the marinara most often, and today I found out why. I learned that the standard meat sauce (which kind of sucks) is actually delivered to the restaurants pre-made, but the marinara and the spicy three meat are made from scratch every day. The Alfredo sauce is also made daily in house, but the quality will vary depending on who’s making it/is responsible for keeping it warm but keeping it from breaking too.

Day 12 009


I know that taking pictures of your food is a thing now, but I still get a lot of looks using a giant camera to take multiple pictures of the OG salad and my empty plates. It just looks like overkill. Kind of the way Tinder is a thing now, but you would probably get a lot of weird looks if you tried walking around a bar, going up to strangers, and after making eye contact and examining their appearance, you made either a “swipe left” or a “swipe right” motion. Day 12 010

By the way, my wife was at a flea market the other day and got me this awesome vintage Empire Strikes Back reversible watch. Han Solo on one side…

Day 12 011

Boba Fett on the other! I definitely married up. Today she even promised to go to the Olive Garden with me at least once before my pasta pass ends! All I need is for her to come with me once. It would mean the world to me. Did you know that Dolly Parton’s husband has only ever seen her perform once? Dude still loves her though, even writes her poems, according to Wikipedia. Callie, if you’re out there reading this, maybe you could write me a poem for my next birthday?

Current weight: 174.6

Current cost per pasta bowl: $12.33

Calories consumed this meal: 1,550

Comments from the wife: “You’re definitely fatter.”

“You look boxier, but with pointy tits.”

“Poetry is stupid. Why don’t they use sentences?”