Day 7 – Alfredo Sauce Time!

by hagz

The 5K didn’t happen this morning. We went to a beer garden with some friends last night and Callie decided she didn’t want to run this morning. Her decision, very unilateral affair. I was ready to go. Like a sleek race car with a full tank of gas.

No reason not to get fettuccine alfredo today though! As long as you start with the salad…

Day 6 001

High class takeout affair, even decided to plate the salad instead of inhaling it out of the plastic box.

I ended up getting fettuccine alfredo with chicken fritta. Go ahead and add fettuccine and fritta to my Italian vocabulary.

Day 6 002

Close up of the chicken

Day 6 003


Sunday and no beer in the fridge, so I had to steal some of Callie’s wine. High class meal, high class wine.

Day 6 004

I’m not pictured, but I actually decided to wear a tuxedo at home today.

Day 6 006

So somehow I made it through a week of the pasta pass before encountering these chocolate mint things. All of a sudden, the memories all started rushing back. It was the Olive Garden at the corner of Princess Anne Road and Kempsville Road that I went to as an 11-year old. These mints were the best thing I had tasted up to that point in my life. I need to make sure I get these every day from now on. They could put Godiva out of business.

Current weight: 174.4

Current cost per pasta bowl: $18

Breadsticks consumed (today/total) 2/13

Calories consumed this meal: 2,170

Comments from the wife: Wow, Hagana, I think you’re losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time. You remind me of Thor when you take your shirt off!