Day 6 – Pre-5K Edition – Cavatappi with Five-Cheese Marinara and Italian Sausage

by hagz

Had to do takeout again today since Callie was with me and she refuses to dine in at the Olive Garden. She’s not that into fine dining or four star restaurants I suppose, she’s more of an overpriced-food-truck-that-sells-kale-quinoa-nuggets girl. Day 6 002

This card is pure magic. It’s like a credit card that you never have to pay off. The bill just disappears.I like to think Gandalf would think of me as an equal. At least the Grey version. 

Day 6 003

Gear for the 5K tomorrow, which means I have to carb load today and tomorrow.

Day 6 005

This time I got croutons and grated romano cheese packets! I guess they forgot it last time but I didn’t notice since it was my first OG takeout experience. Like Russell Wilson, the OG is getting better with every game.

Day 6 004

Mmm fresh veggies.

Day 6 009

Pretty predictable ending.

Day 6 011

One lonesome breadstick all by himself. Callie ate his twin brother. Without asking. It’s okay, marriage is all about seeing past your partner’s faults, overlooking their transgressions, and forgiving their trespasses.

Day 6 006

Today I went with the cavatappi with five-cheese marinara and Italian sausage. I think I was expecting sliced sausage, but the OG clearly does not give a fuck. I could practically see Mario Batali back there being like, “Fuck it dude, just throw the whole sausages in there so we can go bowling.”

Day 6 013

It’s getting serious now, with every packet of grated romano cheese unleashed and the breadsticks being waterboarded in marinara. Really more of a vodka sauce, but whatever.

Day 6 014

At first I was slicing the sausages with a fork and knife like a buffoon. Once I remembered that this was takeout and that Callie was asleep, I impaled that fucker and started taking full-on chomps out of it. As with artisan bread, the jagged edges increase the accessible surface area of the sausage and the irregularity of each bite is like a natural “shuffle” button for your taste buds.

Current weight: 173.8

Current cost per pasta bowl: $20.67

Breadsticks consumed (today/total) 1/11

Calories consumed this meal: 1,980

Tomorrow: 5K plus Alfredo sauce!!